Solar Services

Comprehensive Solar Services | Oahu, Kauai & Maui

If you are trying to save energy and go green in your home or business, solar energy is an excellent place to start. At Sun King Inc, our energy experts proudly provide a broad range of solar solutions for residential and commercial clients across Hawaii. With over 10,000 satisfied customers in Oahu, Kauai, and Maui, we are the islands' best choice for energy-saving solutions that really work. Learn more about our solar services below, and contact our team at (808) 871-9721 today!
Installation of photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic Systems

In Hawaii's sunny climate, powering your building through solar energy is a highly viable option for year-round energy. Here at Sun King Inc, we proudly install and service photovoltaic systems on residential and commercial properties in Oahu, Kauai, and Maui. Learn more about solar-powered photovoltaic systems by visiting our Photovoltaic Systems page.
Solar air conditioning

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are environmentally friendly and can reduce your hot water energy usage significantly, as well as reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an old system, Sun King Inc can find the perfect solution for you. Learn more about solar hot water systems by visiting our Solar Hot Water page.
Solar air conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning

Hawaii summers can be tough to endure without the help of a reliable air conditioning system. The only drawback is that traditional ACs also use a considerable amount of energy and can be costly to operate. Save yourself hundreds of dollars on annual power bills and help out the environment with a solar air conditioning from our professionals at Sun King Inc. Visit our Solar Air Conditioning page to learn more!
Solar pool heating

Solar Pool Heating 

Controlling the temperature of your pool requires a considerable amount of energy. If you have a traditional heating system, this considerable energy requirement also comes with considerable energy costs. With a solar pool heating system, your pool will be able to harness the sun's energy to heat itself, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy costs each year. At Sun King Inc, we proudly install and service solar pool heaters on pools of all sizes and styles across Hawaii. Visit our Solar Pool Heating page or contact our team at (808) 871-9721 to learn more today!
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