"Hey Bruce, thanks for stopping by the other day to tell me about your solar a/c and new solar hot water program. My experience with Sun King has been good. You and your company are very accommodating and professional. If I am in the market for any kind of solar powered equipment for my house or business I would always call you guy's first. Thanks and Mahalo Sun King!"

Rick Hartman

"Hi Bruce. We are loving our Lezeti air conditioning. It is fantastic and very economical. Free during the day and with two/three units running at night it is costing about $100 extra per month. The installers did a fantastic job, the electrical inspector said he hardly has to check their work it is so good. My only regret is it wasn't available sooner. Everyone who comes over remarks at how great it is. I highly recommend the product and your company every chance I get.

George & Joanne Dennis

"Aloha Bruce,
Everything is going well with no issues, thank you for following up. Our electric bill has certainly dropped significantly were in fact its between $25 - $35 a month. I was thinking it was going to be more but with only my mom in the home most of the time the system is really working well and as anticipated."

Pat Rosa

"Aloha Bruce.The experience with Sun King was very professional and thorough. I will look at the website for the new products. Hope all is well with Sunking. Keep on top of the ever changing energy landscape as it keeps changing rapidly and there is a lot happening to Lithium power batteries on energy storage. etc. Thanks."

Rick Villareal

"Hi Bruce, we absolutely love our system. It was one of the best decisions we made. Thank you for all your help and for being so informative."

Christina Bonacorsi

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